Boilers for Biodiesel Manufacturers

If you've done your research and are ready to setup your biodiesel manufacturing operations then you already understand the value of a quality boiler. You undoubtedly have a source of oil to process into biofuel for diesel engines, and this same oil can be used to run your boiler, saving you a considerable amount of money. Your used oil boiler can be fueled with a variety of waste oils including vegetable oil, synthetic oil, and used petroleum.

We've been selling waste oil boilers since 1996 and have supplied more boilers to biodiesel manufacturers than any other company in the United States. We use only the finest boilers, American made Columbia® boilers with Shenandoah® burners, true workhorses with a reputation for solid construction and decades of unwavering reliability. The Columbia/Shenandoah boiler/burner is popular with biodiesel manufacturers because it's reliable, provides consistent heat, and requires minimal maintenance.

The biodiesel industry can be unpredictable, so it's good to know that your boiler will be consistent over time, needing minimal maintenance and care. Your decision to purchase one of our waste oil boilers comes with one-on-one personalized care. You will work with a seasoned professional that fully understands the biodiesel industry, your obstacles, and your needs as a biodiesel manufacturer.

Waste Oil Boilers – Reliable, Dependable, and Easy to Operate

You want quality, and you need reliability from your boiler. By utilizing waste oils such as vegetable oil, synthetic oil, or petroleum based oils in the burner that fires your Columbia boiler, you save money while maintaining your responsible approach to caring for the environment.

Best of all, Columbia/Shenandoah waste oil boilers and burners are low maintenance. Columbia boilers run reliably for decades and rarely require repair or new parts. When you do needs parts, call or purchase parts online. Maintenance can easily be done by someone on your team who has basic mechanical and electrical abilities. Burner maintenance classes are available for those who desire. With annual maintenance, Shenandoah burners typically run reliably for decades.

You Know what You Want – Let Us Help you Choose the Right Used Oil Fired Boiler for Your Business

Columbia/Shenandoah® boiler/burners are the best on the market today. You buy these products because you demand reliability, and want a boiler that will run consistently for decades. You work with us because you appreciate straight talk, personalized care, and doing business with a real person that understands your particular needs.

Contact us online now or call toll free (in the USA) 1-800-261-1041 or (253) 872-6060, and a biodiesel specialist will help you determine the right waste oil boiler for your needs.

Columbia Waste Oil Boilers
Burns virtually any used oil
hot water or low pressure steam
10hp to 150hp
500,000 to 6.3 million BTU's

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