We're honored to provide American-made heaters and boilers to hard-working and respected companies across the country. You can count on prompt service and reliable equipment that will run like new for decades.

Sarah Brennan, co-owner of award-winning Trail Distilling, about her "workhorse" Columbia MPH-40 boiler.

Sarah Brennan
Trail Distilling
Oregon City, OR


Mike McCardell, co-owner of award-winning Durango Craft Spirits, on his "…incredible…bulletproof…" Columbia MPH-30 boiler.

Mike McCardell
Durango Craft Spirits
Durango, CO




Delivers Plenty of Steam for the Brew House and More

"Our CT-15 boiler provides plenty of steam for both high pressure 45 PSI for automatic kegging machine and 15 PSI for mash tun."

Tom Eastwood
Head Brewer
Twin Sisters Brewing Company
Bellingham, Washington



Boiler is Easy to Operate and Delivers Plenty of Consistent Steam

"The Columbia Boiler produces plenty of steam for all of our brewing needs. Easy to operate."

Drew Culey
Head Brewer
Beardslee Public House
Bothell, Washington




Professional Distiller Rusty Figgins Praises Columbia Boilers

"I love many things about Columbia Boilers. Most importantly, Columbia Boilers provide the perfect amount of consistent steam for distilling spirits. They are a smart capital investment! Columbia boilers can run dependably for decades. In terms of efficiency, the hot water coils for tankless hot water save money and make sanitation wash down quicker and easier."

Rusty Figgins, Jr.
Owner, XO Alambic
Lead Lecturer, Spirits Institute Puget Sound
Seattle, Washington


Helpful, Personalized Service from Start to Finish

"We are very pleased with the performance of our Columbia boiler we purchased from Northwest Industrial Equipment. The team at Northwest Industrial was very knowledgeable and helpful. They provided us with personalized service from start to finish."


Gary Gagliardi
Head Brewer
Missoula Brewing Co.
Missoula, MT


Great Boiler and Speedy Customer Service

"Howard … was patient with us on all our questions and would answer questions quickly even when on vacation…we have been happy with the boiler and would recommend it."

Rodney Bullington
Oregon Grain Growers Brand Distillery
Pendleton, OR


For Nearly Two Decades Reliable Used Oil Heater Keeps the Team Toasty Warm

"Dollars saved on heating bills over the last 17 years are hard to comprehend. Not one regret for purchasing and installing this heater. Total time on hour meter reads 21,712 hours. Dollars spent on maintenance over that time amount to pocket change. Always nice to know that parts, service and information are just a phone call away at Northwest Industrial Equipment. The reliability of this heater is reassuring when we know the weather temperature can drop to -40 F. Thanks for the help and service over the years, Howard."

Kevin Warren
Kevco Transport
Cayley, Alberta



For Nearly Two Decades the Shop has been Toasty Warm All Fall, Winter, and Spring

"The waste oil boiler that Northwest Industrial Equipment installed for us 16 years ago is still working like when it was brand new.

"It is hard to describe how nice it feels when you come into the shop in the morning and whole building is nice and warm no matter the temperature outside. Howard and his professional crew take care of the annual service during the off season so there are never any surprises when we need heat. Budgeting for the initial expense was one of the smartest things we did when we built our new shop, it paid for itself a long time ago.

"Thank you Howard and Crew for keeping us and our customers warm all winter long."

Reto Filli
Circle & Square Auto Care
Port Hadlock, Washington


Installation was Quick; Now the Shops Are Always Warm without Breaking the Bank

"I want to thank you and your crew for the timely installation of our ninth Firelake waste oil heater. After trying two other brands and having experienced ongoing difficulties with the operation and maintenance of both of them, there was never a question about staying with Firelake and Northwest Industrial Equipment for our latest purchase.

"Having so much experience with the Firelake brand over years made it easy to know the set up and space requirements for the new waste oil heater. As always the installation was smooth, seamless and quick. And the new heater performs as good as all the rest.

"The Horizon Model 315’s single pass heaters have held up well over the years without difficulties or major maintenance. The ease of cleanout makes it easy to get optimal heat exchange, so you get the most heat per gallon burned. It’s good to know I can provide my employees with a comfortable working environment even in the cold winter months without breaking the bank and I have you and your crew to thank for that."


David Huntley
Vice President & General Manager
Greg's Japanese Auto
Seattle, Washington


Our Techs Love Having Warm Floors All Winter

"Howard and Northwest Industrial Equipment did a great job installing both our boiler and our in-floor heating system. Our new shop stays comfortable in the winter with minimal temperature fluctuations. Our boiler has only required an annual maintenance and cleaning and has been virtually trouble-free. And our techs love having warm floors in the winter!"

Dave Winters
Swedish Automotive
West Seattle, Washington


Firelake Waste Oil Heater Keeps Busy Repair Shop Warm All Winter

"I am writing to let you know how happy I am with my Firelake waste oil heater. After owning, maintaining, and repairing a couple different waste oil heaters through the years, I wanted to add a second waste oil heater to our 9,500 sq. ft. building. After researching several brands and meeting you at the ASA show, I purchased a Firelake waste oil heater model 315 and had it delivered to my shop in Aberdeen, Washington.

"We installed the new waste oil heater in a different part of the shop so I could compare maintenance and operation with the old unit and so there would be more than enough heat for my techs.

"Our shop was built in 1920. It’s wood construction with high vaulted ceilings. We process about 300 cars a month so two of our shop doors spend most of the winter opening and closing - so it is a challenge to keep the shop warm.

"Northwest Industrial's tech Shaun offered advice on our installation and we had it up and running over a weekend. We decided to continue to save ATF for the old heater and burn all our non-ATF waste oil in the new furnace; it’s usually a wide mix of oils but mostly crankcase oil.

"Once installed, it fired right up and our new Firelake waste oil heater ran great for a few days. Then, one morning it wouldn't start. I figured "here we go again" but one call to your shop solved the problem... our old airlines had delivered a piece of rust into one of the solenoids. Shaun again had sound advice for a fix that keeps the rust out and it has performed flawlessly for two winters now. The maintenance is simple as we have only done cleaning at season's end and it has had little ash at all in the combustion chamber; it just fires up with the thermostat each morning!

"A big thanks Howard and the entire staff at Northwest Industrial Equipment."


Conrad Jobst
B&B Automotive, Inc.
Aberdeen, Washington


Used Oil Boiler Dramatically Reduced Their Energy Costs

"We are particularly pleased with the performance of the Shenandoah boiler that we purchased from you… Not only has it been consistently reliable in its performance, reducing our energy costs dramatically, but it has required very little maintenance.

"…The Shenandoah burner has been reliable, trouble free, and the periodic maintenance is easily accomplished due to the thoughtful design of the boiler…"

Best regards,

James C. Wilson
Active Chemicals, LTD.
Delta, B.C., Canada


New Boiler Exceeds All of Their Hopes and Expectations

"I am writing to you to express how pleased Ted Lavigne and I are with the Shenandoah waste oil boiler. Our initial expectations for the use of the boiler was two-fold, one, to keep the lube center warm and two, heat some of our water in the car wash… This boiler has exceeded all hopes and expectations. We can keep the lube center warm, heat all of the water in our car wash, advertise our company as environmentally safe, and we save in excess of $500.00 per month on our natural gas bills. The boiler has been very easy to maintain and the service and training provided by Northwest Industrial Equipment has been excellent."


Daniel W. Kestle
General Manager
Express Concepts, Inc.
Lynnwood, WA 98036


Contact us today to talk with a heater or boiler specialist about heat for your shop, brewing process, or manufacturing process.

"Columbia Boilers provide the perfect amount of consistent steam for distilling spirits."
~ Rusty Figgins
Rusty Figgins, Lead Lecturer, Spirits Institute Puget Sound
Rusty Figgins, Lead Lecturer, Spirits Institute Puget Sound

























Tom Eastwood, Head Brewer, Twin Sisters Brewing Company.
Tom Eastwood, Head Brewer, Twin Sisters Brewing Company.










Gary Gagliardi, Head Brewer, Missoula Brewing Co.
Gary Gagliardi, Head Brewer, Missoula Brewing Co.




Waste oil heater at Kevco, Alberta, CA; running reliably since 2002.


"…Budgeting for the initial waste oil boiler expense was one of the smartest things we did when we built our new shop, it paid for itself a long time ago…"
~ Reto Filli, owner
Circle & Square Auto Care




Popular waste oil fired boiler
by Columbia Boiler.


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