Car Repair Shops - Waste Oil Boiler Installations

These are just a few of the car and truck repair shops we've worked with who are saving thousands of dollars every year in heating costs by recycling their used oil onsite for heat recovery. They've also eliminated their expenses for used oil disposal. Utility bill savings typically pay for a new system in 24 - 36 months. With minimal maintenance, waste oil burning boilers and heaters run for decades. Radiant floor heat is cost-effective in new facilities. Unit heaters are cost-effective for new and existing car and truck repair shops. Click photo thumbnails to see larger photos and photo captions.

Waste Oil Boilers

Swedish Automotive

West Seattle, Washington

Equipment: Columbia KWO-500 waste oil fired boiler and PEX tubing for radiant floor heat.

Project: Supply and install a radiant floor heating system which recycles the car and truck shop’s used oil into heat.

General Contractor: MRJ Constructors, Seattle, Washington

  • Installation of radiant floor PEX tubing. PEX tubing is installed around in-ground lift to accommodate above-ground lift base plate.
  • Radiant floor manifold - two heat zones.
  • Pouring concrete over PEX tubing.
  • Radiant heat manifold.
  • Waste oil burning boiler placed in boiler room prior to walls being installed.
  • Hot water lines from new building to existing building will provide hydronic heat for existing building.
  • Wall roughed in around radiant floor heat manifolds.
  • Boiler piping to radiant floor pumps and controls.
  • Columbia KWO-500 (500,000 BTU) boiler installed to heat the water circulating through the PEX tubing in the radiant floor heating system.
  • Auto repair shop interior with radiant floor heat installed.


Waste Oil Heaters

Swedish Automotive

West Seattle, Washington

Equipment: Firelake/Shenandoah Horizon-155 waste oil heater

Project: Convert four-bay auto repair shop from natural gas heat to waste oil heat.

  • Swedish Automotive, West Seattle, Washington.
  • Firelake/Shenandoah Horizon-155 (155,000BTU) waste oil heater.
  • Waste oil heater installed suspended from the ceiling. Heater venting was installed to make use of the building’s existing chimney.


Greg's Japanese Auto Parts
& Service

Greater Seattle, Washington

Equipment: Firelake/Shenandoah Horizon 315 waste oil heaters

Project: Upgrade and install new waste oil heaters at four Seattle area car and truck repair shops.

  • Greg's Lynnwood auto repair facility replaced an older waste oil heater with a new Firelake/Shenandoah Horizon 315 (315,000 BTU) heater.
  • Greg's Lynnwood auto repair shop - new Firelake/Shenandoah Horizon 315 heater installed hanging from ceiling.
  • Greg's Southcenter auto repair shop - installation of Firelake/Shenandoah Horizon 315 (315,000 BTU) waste oil furnace on a pallet rack.
  • Greg's Downtown Seattle facility uses waste oil heat as their primary heat source.
  • Greg's Downtown Seattle facility - Firelake/Shenandoah Horizon 315 (315,000 BTU) heater installed hanging from ceiling.
  • Greg's Puyallup Meridian auto repair center - new Firelake/Shenandoah Horizon 315 (315,000 BTU) used oil fired heater installed on a pallet rack above their waste oil tank.


View more photo galleries or contact us to talk with a waste oil heating specialist to discover how much your car repair shop can save every year in heating and disposal costs using waste oil fired boilers or heaters.

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