Truck Repair Shops - Waste Oil Boiler Installations

See how these truck repair shops eliminated their used oil disposal expenses. Waste oil boilers save truck repair shops thousands of dollars every year in heating costs while recycling their waste oil on site for heat recovery. Utility bill savings typically pay for a new system in 24 - 36 months. With minimal maintenance, waste oil burning boilers run for decades. Radiant floor / in-floor heat is cost-effective in new facilities. Unit heaters are cost-effective for new and existing truck repair shops. Click photo thumbnails to see larger photos and photo captions.

Commercial Contractor

Kent, WA

Equipment: Clean Energy CB 330 waste oil burning furnace

Project: Supply heat for a 5,000 sq. ft construction equipment maintenance facility; all the various used oils drained from vehicles will fuel their furnace.

CB 330 Furnace Highlights

  • 325,000 BTU/hour
  • 2.3 GPH max fuel consumption
  • Burns all types of used oils
  • Quick ROI - low or no heat bills
  • Tank, wall, or ceiling mountable
  • 1,000+ hr cleaning interval
  • Long-lasting stainless steel heat exchanger
  • High-velocity, air-sweep heat exchanger delivers more heating power
  • Vertical flue tubes designed to last longer
  • Pre-assembled, vacuum-tested pump
  • Easy to open for service and cleaning
  • 12-year warranty
RRack-mounted Clean Energy 330, 325,000 BTU waste oil-fueled furnace.


Motor Trucks Inc.

Everett, WA

Equipment: Two Columbia WL-60 waste oil fired boilers and PEX tubing for radiant floor heating system.

Project: Supply radiant floor heat for new 36,000 sq. ft. truck repair shop adjacent to new flagship corporate headquarters.

General Contractor: Fisher & Sons, Burlington, Washington

  • Waste oil fueled radiant floor heat keeps the Motor Trucks' facility in Everett comfortable year round.
  • PEX tubing installed for mezzanine floor.
  • PEX tubing installed for main shop; ready for concrete to be poured.
  • Pouring concrete over PEX tubing.
  • Pouring concrete over PEX tubing.
  • View from mezzanine of completed concrete floor in main shop area.
  • Mezzanine radiant floor manifolds framed and ready for sheet rocking.
  • 5,000 gallon waste oil tank installed.
  • Wall access panels for radiant floor heat manifolds.
  • Two Columbia WL-60 boilers installed.


Flying Wrench Services

Kingston, Washington

Equipment: Columbia/Shenandoah KWO waste oil fired boiler and PEX tubing for radiant floor heating system.

Project: Supply and install radiant floor in new 8-bay truck repair facility.

  • PEX heating system with mini manifold.
  • This Columbia KWO waste oil fired boiler with Shenandoah B-10 burner heats hot water which circulates through the PEX tubing to heat the facility.
  • Flying Wrench truck repair facility heated with their used oil.


Walsh Trucking

Troutdale, Oregon

Equipment: Columbia/Shenandoah WL-60 waste/used oil fired boiler

Project: Supply and install waste oil / used oil fired boiler and radiant floor heating system in truck repair shop.

  • PEX tubing for radiant floor in place ready for concrete floor to be poured.
  • Radiant floor system connection to waste oil boiler.
  • Columbia/Shenandoah WL-60 waste/used oil fired boiler to heat water for the radiant floor system.
  • Radiant floor system. Columbia used oil fired boiler at right.
  • Walsh Trucking's five bay truck facility, Troutdale, Oregon.


View more photo galleries or contact us to talk with a waste oil heating specialist to discover how much your truck repair shop can save every year in heating and disposal costs using waste oil fired boilers.

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