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Your used oil does not have to be a liability. In fact, you can recycle your used oil onsite into heat for your facility with a cost-effective, long-lasting, American-made waste oil heater or boiler featuring Firelake boilers and furnaces (manufactured by EnergyLogic), Columbia boilers, Clean Energy furnaces, and Embassy radiant floor heating systems.

If your facility generates 500+ gallons of used oil per year, you can significantly reduce your heating costs with one of these reliable, hard-working waste oil furnaces and boilers. Waste oil furnaces typically pay for themselves in 24 to 36 months through utility savings and the elimination of waste oil disposal costs. Because Columbia, Firelake, and Clean Burn waste oil heaters and boilers are built to run for decades, your savings will continue to increase year after year.

  • Decades of reliable heat; heaters and boilers typically run for years
  • Cost-effectively heat 2,000 sq. ft. to 100,000 sq. ft. facility; 2 bays to 50 bays
  • Meets EPA guidelines for on-site recycling of used oil
  • Boilers and heaters burn every type of used oil: crankcase oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oils, #1 fuel oil, #2 fuel oil, any petroleum-based oil, vegetable oil, cooking oil, synthetic oil, etc.
  • Features the patented Shenandoah burner - industry recognized for time-proven effectiveness and being easy-to-clean and maintain
  • Low maintenance; most maintenance can be done in-house with little or no training
  • No special operator license required to run the equipment

A used oil heater or boiler is an environmentally responsible approach to disposing of used oil by converting it into what is essentially cost-free heat. Savings on heating fuel costs and used oil disposal expenses add directly to your bottom line year after year.

When You Purchase a Used Oil Boiler or Heater, We Handle the Job from Start to Finish

Your time is valuable, so we make getting your new heating system as simple as possible. If your facility is in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, or Montana we will provide you with a complete turnkey implementation. If your facility is in any other state or in Canada we will ship your equipment to you to be installed by your local mechanical engineer.

When you are ready to get started, our waste oil heating specialist works with you to determine which waste oil heating system is right for your business. Considerations include your heat and hot water needs, facility layout and size, and other factors. Next, you receive a detailed proposal outlining the equipment and price for your system. This makes it easy to calculate your annual savings and determine the number of months until your used oil is adding to your bottom line.

Which Types of Businesses Benefit Most from a Waste Oil Boiler or Heater?

Any entity that generates 500 + gallons of waste oil per year is a candidate for a used oil boiler or heater. Used oil heaters and boilers are popular in many industries, including:

  • Car dealerships
  • Car and truck repair shops
  • Commercial truck repair shops
  • Fleet repair shops
  • Lube shops
  • Lube shops with car washes (use a boiler to heat water for your car wash as well as heat your shop)
  • School districts and government fleet repair shops
  • Transmission repair shops
  • Trucking companies

At Northwest Industrial Equipment we are proud to offer several models of Firelake heaters, Columbia boilers, Clean Burn furnaces, and Clean Burn boilers. Your heating system will be designed specifically for your needs whether you are looking for a hydronic (water) system, a radiator, or a forced-air heater.

Personalized Customer Care that doesn't End after the Sale

You want reliability from any purchase, so we ensure that your used oil furnace operates at peak performance for years to come by offering affordable annual burner maintenance and a full line of parts. During the summer, when your heater is not needed, you can send your burner to us for servicing then when winter arrives you will have peace-of-mind knowing that your heater will work efficiently fall, winter, and spring.

Are You Ready to Save Thousands of Dollars Every Year in Heating Costs?

Contact us online or call us toll free (in the USA) at 1-800-261-1041 or (253) 872-6060 to talk with a waste oil heating specialist to discover how much money your organization can save every year.

Honda dealership heated solely with used oil from their shop using a Columbia WL-60 boiler with Firelake Shenandoah B-10 burner.

Honda dealership heated solely with used oil from their shop using a Columbia WL-60 boiler with Firelake Shenandoah B-10 burner.

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