Waste Oil Heat –
Stop Paying to Haul Off Your Waste Oil

Are You Being Charged by Oil Collectors to Haul Off Your Savings?

Now you can eliminate your heating bill AND collection fees with a waste oil heater; the typical payback time is just 2 years!

You may just be discovering the benefits of waste oil heat. The concept is simple – you recycle your waste oil on-site into heat for your facility saving thousands of dollars annually in the process. If you've been spending money to have your waste oil disposed of while paying ever-rising heating bills then you're likely asking, "Why am just learning about waste oil heat now?"

Your reaction is common; because the benefits of using waste oil for heat are clear. Not only will you save money when you purchase a waste oil heating system, the environment benefits, too. Discover what savvy car and truck dealerships, repair shops, and lube shops have known for decades.

Discover the benefits of radiant floor / in-floor heat fueled with your used oil.   Save money heating your buildings with a used oil heater or boiler.

Discover the benefits of radiant floor /
in-floor heat fueled with your used oil.

Save money heating your buildings with a used oil heater or boiler.

If you own a business that generates 500 + gallons of waste oil per year you can slash your heating expenses with a used oil heating system. And, by recycling your used oil into heat onsite rather than having it hauled for disposal, you eliminate the "cradle-to-grave" liability associated with used oil. With our worry-free process, we make it easy to select and enjoy a used oil heating system.

If you are building a new facility, a radiant floor heating system is cost-effective and among the most comfortable types of heat you'll ever experience. Click here to discover the many benefits of radiant floor / in-floor heating.

If you have an existing facility, discover how you can save thousands when you replace your heater with a used oil heating system. From 2 bays to 50; 2,000 sq. ft. to 100,000, heat your facility, and, if you use a lot of hot water, heat your hot water with heat from your used oil, too. Learn more about used oil heating systems.

Dependability and a Name You Can Trust

When winter comes along, the last thing you want to deal with are heating problems. Murphy's Law dictates that your furnace will fail only when temperatures are at their coldest and these kinds of problems are more than just a nuisance, they can cost you money and a loss in productivity.

That's why we use only the finest quality products built by companies that have been around for decades. We use dependable Firelake/Shenandoah™ used oil heaters (manufactured by EnergyLogic), long-lasting Columbia/Shenandoah used oil boilers, and reliable, high-efficiency Clean Energy used oil furnaces, so you never have to worry about costly or inconvenient shutdowns.

Work with Experienced Waste Oil Heating Specialists

Your used oil heating system will be configured by experienced professionals with know-how and real-world experience to ensure your used oil heating system addresses all of your needs and is both cost-effective and long-lasting. Your new system will have everything you need to be up-and-running in a matter of hours.

When you need parts or service we have everything you need to keep your system humming like the day it was installed.

Learn more about radiant floor heat for new construction or unit heaters and boilers for existing buildings. Contact us online or call us toll free (in the USA) at 1-800-261-1041 or (253) 872-6060 to talk with an experienced used oil heating professional and discover how many thousands of dollars your company could save in heating and used oil disposal fees.

Works with:

  • Forced Air units
  • Hydronic units
  • Wall radiators
  • Radiant heat


Columbia/Shenandoah used oil boilers
Firelake/Shenandoah™ used oil heaters
Clean Energy Waste Oil Heating Systems
Firelake/Shenandoah™ used oil heaters (manufactured by EnergyLogic)
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